Bldc Ceiling Fan Meaning

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The bldc ceiling fan meaning is that the ceiling fan works on BLDC(Brush Less DC) Motor compare to ordinary fan works on induction motor.
Like in our oceco bldc ceiling fan the ceiling fan works on bldc motor which can saves 60 & energy compare to ordinary fan.
so use of bldc ceiling fan we can save energy & environment .
We have bldc ceiling fan which work on remote control and also you control through our android app.
we have below special features in our bldc ceiling fan remote.

1. Change Speed Of Fan
2. Led On & Off
3. Fan On & Off
4. Timer Mode( In this you can set time between 1 hour to 8 hour for fan turn off)
5. Turbo Speed (Increase Speed beyond 5)
6. Swing Mode
7. Sleep Mode (Speed Reduce Gradually)