What Is Advantage Of Bldc Ceiling Fan Compare To Ordinary Fan?

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Oceco Bldc fan feature

1.Save upto 60% Electricity
2. Remote for speed control
3. Consume only 2.5w at law speed
4. No humming noise at law speed
5. Motor does not burn even afer long time
6. Consistent performance even at law voltage and power fluctuation
7. Runs three time longer on inverter, that maximize battery life
8. Capacitor less technology gives you consistent speed even at long period
of use
9. LED under light for speed indication, also can be used as night lamp
10. SLEEP mode that reduce the speed every hour and saves energy
11. Advanced OFF timer (1 to 8 hours)
12. TURBO function for brisk Air flow
13. Fine tuning for 20 multiple speeds
14. Regulator less technology reduces switch board size and saves two way
15. Can be use with IOT system
16. Operate with Mobile application
17. Fan coast retention within warranty period
18. Using OCECO Fans reduces costs of solar system
19 Very easy service