Best Bldc Ceiling Fan 2019 In India

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When we are think for saving electricity, then what we think first replace ordinary bulb to led bulb,
Purchase better bee star air condition, refrigeration and washing machine right?
But do you think ever that which electric appliance we use more than other.
Answer is ceiling fan, no matter its day or night we constantly use fans for our comfort.
Study reveals that average indian pays 26% electricity on fans.
And the ordinary fans we use work on between 75 w to 80 w.
We OCECO ENERGY PVT LTD develop bldc ceiling fan which only consumption 32w electricity
And its saves 60 % electricity compare to ordinary fan.
If your average daily use of fan for 10 hours than you can saves nearest to Rs. 1100/- per fan.
There are several sectors where bulk qty of fans install like Schools, hospitals, offices, industrial plant use more than 100 fans, If ordinary fan replace by oceco fan then they can saves upto Rs. 1,10,000/- per year.
After 4 years of experience for manufacturing bldc ceiling fan and sales all over india we receives Overwhelming reviews.

We have wide range of models for home appliances, office, schools, hospitals and industrial plants.

We have options like remote operated fan and regular operated fan, led light fan, decorative model and Simple model.